The Influencer Project and Do It Yourself Projects

Influencer is a project management term referring to persons who can individually and directly influence a certain project. The individual needs to have a certain knowledge or experience in the project. Influence or influencer projects on the internet mostly focus on marketing projects, though other projects can be posted. The emphasis on influence projects is to get as many people as possible to comment, share, and add more knowledge or experience to the given project. As the name suggests, the aim is to get people to somehow “influence” the project in order to improve it.

People can also comment on other influences should these influences be deemed wrong or might take the project on a more difficult path.  Influencer projects for do it yourself projects on the internet mostly focus on interior and exterior home improvements such as gutter installation and repair, roofing installation and repair, and other projects of such nature. Such influencer projects may be found on blogs and other sites, including social media, that focus on home improvement projects. Let’s say, for instance, a DIY expert posts a cheaper way to install new gutters system in a suburban home using either a PDF step-by-step instructional booklet or a video tutorial. Since he is a DIY expert and not necessarily a professional, soon, other DIY experts begin sharing their own experiences or giving other advice in the comments section.

The whole point is to try to improve what the original project has posted. A few people may disagree with one or two points shared, but this is one of the essences of influencer projects. The name of the game is to share. For some influencer projects on home improvement that may have marketing value, some commercial professionals or commercial materials establishments may share their comments or suggestions to bear significant influence or weight on the project in general, or to the acquisition and purchase of a number of activity related products and services in general. The cause of this influence is typically directed towards eventual customer buildup. In some cases, some comments and suggestions may help the progress of a particular project, and in other cases may in fact hinder it in the event the influence causes additional work or carries the project in another direction.

In terms of home improvement projects, especially in terms of gutters and roofing, influencer projects should concentrate on:

1. The strong strategic message, lesson, or tutorial.

2. Making the word easy to spread.

3. Supporting the promotion of the project by making it accessible for comments.

4. Making it accessible for promotion for marketing purposes, if needed.

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