Proper Do’s and Don’ts of Table Decorations

No matter the occasion be it a simple dinner, a wedding a function or a birthday, a great way to add to the festivities is to decorate the table. In fact you may have found yourselves at weddings or parties where guests were assigned to a table with a specific theme or set of decorations. This can be a great idea and if you’re thinking of using it at your next get together.

Do Make Sure to Set the Table According to Your Theme

The key to a beautiful set of table decorations is a good plan, this way you can make sure you have a budget, have a set theme and a list of items that can be used. First of all you should decide on a theme as this will make sure that everything matches up and you don’t end up with a mess as your centrepiece. Having a set list for each table will ensure that the decorating is unique to each table or perfectly repeated throughout the room with no parts missing.

Don’t Overdress the Table

Remember when decorating that less can be more, simplistic designs and singular centrepieces are more likely to be aesthetically pleasing, especially as it’s the ceremony or other guests you want everyone to be focused on. It’s also good to remember that most of the tables are going to be in use so you don’t want to overdress them and cause a dilemma for your guests when they don’t have enough room for drinking glasses, and side plates.

Do Try Your Hand at Arrangements

If you find yourself working on a budget then you may find it interesting to search around online for inspiration and then buy or hire with the pieces to recreate the look. You’re sure to find something to match your style and price range. You may even find yourself having a lot of fun trying out different styles to see which will match your party.

Don’t Go Over Budget

With so many different styles and items that you can use in your decorating it can be easy to spend a lot of money on your decorating. Just remember to form a budget, write down a list and shop around so that you get the best deals available. Just because your budget is limited doesn’t mean that your decorations will be lacking; you may be surprised at how low a price your beautiful table decorations can be made, bought, or hired for.

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