Painting Mistakes to Avoid During Home Improvement Projects

Taking on your next painting project? Avoid the following painting mistakes in your DIY home improvement projects:

Skipping the Tape

To get straight lines around the woodwork, window sills and door frames, always remember to use the painter’s tape and get the nice, clean edges you want.

Painting Without Primer

A primer gives paint a good surface to adhere to and brings out the true color of the shade. Going without it can lead to poor results.


You took the time to fix every imperfection with patching compound. Wait. Make sure it’s completely dry before you sand and prime. Otherwise, all that patching was a waste of time.

Paint Buildup on Pad Edge

When using edge pads around ceiling edges and corners, make sure to wipe off excess paint frequently to avoid marking the surface.

Brushing When You Should be Rolling

For a large interior area, a roller will do a better job in less time. Select the right nap roller for your sheen of paint and try to avoid pushing the roller into the wall when you paint.

Underestimating How Much Paint is Needed

Plan ahead and you can avoid running back and forth to the store with a paint swatch in your hand.

Assuming Walls are Clean

Paint looks much better when it has a good, clean surface to stick to. Wash your walls before painting and get professional results. Likewise, patch up holes and rough surfaces.

Painting When Humidity is High

When the air is full of moisture, water-based paint takes longer to dry. If the weather winds up more humid than expected, take the day off and wait for a dry day.

Paintbrush Abuse

When using latex paint, wet your brush bristles with water and shake the brush dry before you dip it in paint. The brush will hold more paint and deliver better results.

Buying Any Paintbrush

When you’re choosing paintbrushes to use with latex-based paint, nylon or polyester blends produce the best results.

Painting with Furniture in the Room

Getting paint off your furniture is a lot of work. If you can’t move it out of the room, at least make sure it’s completely covered with a drop cloth.

Failure to Protect the Floor

Before you pop the can open, make sure you have a drop cloth over everything and the edges are taped.

Unprotected Doorknobs

Unless you like the look of splattered paint, we recommend that you slip plastic bags over your doorknobs and tape the edge to avoid unsightly paint splatter.

Painting the Wall Plates

Take five minutes to remove the wall plates and tape around your light switches and electrical outlets.

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