Nice Coffee Table Ideas for Small or Medium Sized Homes

Coffee tables are always a nice touch in any home, especially for small or medium sized homes wherein the front door immediately opens to the living room. If ever there is an entrance hallway, it can be very short, but can also be a place for one more coffee table.  Having coffee tables stylized beautifully are a great addition. The coffee table is actually the centerpiece of all non-sitting furniture in the living room because it’s where you set down your fruit salad bowl, your drink, and anything your visitors may be carrying.

It’s often where you leave the TV remote. It can also act as part storage and part display. Whether for display or for pure function, a coffee table, or tables, can be your direct style choice and interpretation. Here are some coffee table ideas that can take these furniture pieces to the next level:

For a very modern look try keeping your coffee table monochromatic in nature. You can put two or three layers of the same colored table rugs arranged differently. Or you can place a brightly colored floor rug on top of a coffee table for something different yet monochromatic. If you want your small living room to look more spacious, try using a mirrored coffee table. Use a fairly large one that becomes the centerpiece of the living room.

If you’re planning a unique type of dinner party, why not have it in the living room and use the large coffee table instead. You can either serve the food on the table and sit around it, or use pillows as seats for a fun dinner night. If you don’t want to clutter to add up in the living room, you can use a glass shadow box coffee table to create more space while keeping the top of the table clear. The bottom part of the table serves as a storage area while the tabletop is glass so you can see what you stored at the bottom.

If you have a small terrace or patio, you can bring out the coffee table and enjoy the morning coffee or an afternoon snack (and maybe a nap) in the outdoors. Note that your terrace or patio needs to be roofed in or protected against the elements or else your coffee table will easily rot.

Add style and decoration to an ordinary coffee table by adding a customized terrarium using an old large wine glass or large bowl. Be creative and add colorful plants.

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