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Why Not Try a Green Roof and Help the Environment

A green roof is also called a living roof, vegetated roof, or an eco-roof. It is either completely or partially covered with some sort of growing vegetation. They may also include an irrigation system and root barrier. Green roofs are great for the environment because they can help filter carbon dioxide and pollutants out of the air and help filter heavy metals and pollutants out of the rainwater.

Green roofs have been around for centuries, but they are just now gaining popularity.  It is estimated that 10% roofs in Germany are green. While green roofs are not popular in America, they are gaining some ground. When people hear the term “going green”, they think about spending a lot of money. On the contrary, having a green roof can actually help you save money in the long run.

Improves Insulation

Consider getting a green roof for better heating. Green roofs have been shown to improve insulation, so, if you have better insulation in your home, then you will be able to reduce your heating bill.

Increase Your Roof’s Life Expectancy

It can cost over $13,000 to replace a roof. That is why you want to try to keep your roof alive and well for as long as you possibly can. Going green can drastically increase the life expectancy of your roof. One way that going green can do this is by shielding the waterproof membrane from ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays that come from the sun can potentially damage the roof.

Reduce Your Food Bill

The cost of food has increased drastically over the past couple of years. It will most likely continue to increase, but a green roof can potentially help you save a lot of money on your food bills. You can use a green roof to grow your own vegetable garden. If you grow your own vegetables, then you will be able to save a lot of money on groceries. Furthermore, growing your own food may even be healthier than buying food out of the store.

Tax Exceptions

There are many states that allow you to have a tax exception for a green roof. In New York City, people who go green at least 50% of their roof will be able to get a one-year tax credit.

Increase Real Estate Value

A green roof will not only help you save money, but will increase your real estate value.

You should consider greening your roof because it will help save the environment, help you reduce your heating bills by improving your insulation, increase the life expectancy of your roof, and be eligible for tax exceptions as well as increase your real estate value.


Small Items Make a Difference in Home Improvements

Sometimes a home improvement procedure can involve more than just a couple of large-scale items. A few small accents can be used around your home to make it a little more vibrant and appealing. These choices can vary for individual homes and they can be added to give you something a little more entertaining.

Simple Soft Items

A few lightweight items can be used around your home to make it more interesting. This can include throw pillows or chair cushions to add to your furniture. Blankets and throws are also good choices. Sometimes an area rug might be good item to add in your home. It can cover up spots in your home and also make it look a little more inviting for whatever you have to add.

Window Treatments

A few window treatments can be added as well. These can include curtains, new window panes, and even new eaves to place at the top or bottom parts of a window. These should make windows more noticeable in most cases. Don’t forget to make sure you have the curtain rows and hooks needed as well.

Perhaps New Windows

New windows don’t have to be too big. You can always replace your current windows with new double glazed options that keep out air and sound. You can also add windows with stained glass appearances or sandblasted textures.

Wall Art is Always Helpful

Wall art are good small items for home improvement needs. You can find many forms of wall art in all sorts of shapes for just about any bare spot in your home that could use some improvement. One part of using wall art is that it often involves different themes. In addition, you can use wall art with some interesting shapes. Some pieces of art might feature wrought iron accents and be found in circular or rectangular shapes.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Lighting fixtures can be small items that should add to any space in your home. You can use small lighting items like tiny lanterns or accent lamps. These lamps can be used to give some lighting in tight spots that really need it. It only takes a short time to install one of these lamps. Of course, a traditional table lamp might be required if you have a larger surface to use. You can also add lighting scones on your walls if you want to go in that different direction when choosing lighting options. You can use these options for home improvement if you want to have interesting and entertaining things for your particular space. You don’t have to get incredibly large items to get your home to look better.

3 Ways on How to Become Energy Efficient in the Home

Many homeowners either ignore or don’t know how to save money on your electric bill. Electricity has become a prime necessity today. Often, we turn off lights if we don’t need them to save on electricity, but that may not be enough. Have you thought about methods you can use in your home to make a noticeable difference on your monthly electric bill?

Invest in an Energy Efficient Space Heater

If you have central heating, it makes very little sense to run your heating system in order to heat your entire home if you only plan on being in one room over an extended period of time. If you have a large home, grabbing a blanket and a space heater may be the best solution to your skyrocketing monthly electric costs. You can get a good space heater for starting only $25 on various internet outlets.

Change All Incandescent Light Bulbs

When you think about a light bulb, it is hard to imagine that this simple bulb could be what is causing your family to go over the monthly budget for electricity expenses. You may be surprised to know that your standard incandescent light bulb is normally 60watts while the new generation of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) only uses 6watts of power and they fit in any lamp or light socket currently available on the market. This 90% reduction in energy use will equate to big savings.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

When you replace your traditional thermostat with a programmable thermostat, you get the luxury of being able to turn the heat or air on or off at certain times of the day. For example, why would you heat your home while you sleep under your covers at night? If you wake up at 8am, why not set your thermostat to turn on at 7:30am so that you can enjoy the heat or air when you wake up without wasting electricity the whole night. If you have the same work schedule each day, you can quickly see how helpful a programmable thermostat will be in your home.

If you institute these small investments in your home, they will pay for themselves in no time. Being energy efficient is not only helpful when it comes to balancing your checkbook, it also saves the environment. Why not do your small bit for the earth and save money by making your home as energy efficient as possible?