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How to Make Your Home Office Space a Better Place to Work In

Millions of people across the world get that dreaded Monday morning feeling, and it is often because you don’t want to get out of your warm and cozy bed to go and sit at your office desk in front of a screen, even if your office happens to be in your own home. This is where a few personal and uplifting touches to your home office space can change the whole persona of your work. Improving the appearance of your home office space can help a lot, especially if your office is dull and there’s not much to look at. You can instantly feel down about your job; by simply making sure your office is bright, full of natural light, and always has a nice temperature to work with, you may begin to look forward to your day’s work and it can certainly lift the spirits.

Another way to make your home office space an enjoyable place to work is to have an entertainment room nearby. Have a room with a flat screen television, a game console, beanbags, sweets, generally just an all-round place to relax during the day. If you have a lot of plants or paintings, you could put some up at your office space to help give it that homely feel so you won’t feel separated from the rest of the house. If you make your workplace look and feel more like a home, the more you will feel relaxed and this will often improve the quality of your work. You could also have creative and modern office furniture rather than the old style desks, have desks that are brightly colored and are shaped in weird and wonderful ways.

Making sure your home office space is organized to keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A lot of people can get stressed if they can’t find something they are looking for, and this can be prevented with a bit of organization. If your work consists of sitting down for most of the day, you have to be sure you can cope with the chair you are sitting on for the long hours. An uncomfortable chair can easily stop the flow of your work and can also lead to health problems. Buying a chair that is suitable for at least 8 hours of use should help you remain focused throughout the day and will also stop you from getting back problems.


Do-it-Yourself Storage Projects for Home Improvement

Here are some great projects to increase the storage space in your home. In many homes, nobody seems to have enough storage space, so why not do a few projects to fix that problem. Not only will it make your life easier, there will be a good reason to make these DIY storage projects.

Under the stairs

Builders are notoriously bad at utilizing the space under a staircase. Even when they put a closet there, they still leave half the space unused. Since most stairwells can be around four feet deep, you can build a rolling appliance cart into it. To make this space into a cabinet, just open up a hole in the wall, putting in a header for the studs that are above the cabinet door. Finish out the inside of the space with drywall and install cabinet doors.

Under the sink

The fake drawer front under kitchen and bathroom sinks is there to make the cabinets match, but really doesn’t do you much good. There’s not enough space to add a drawer under the sink, but that doesn’t mean the space has to go to waste. Putting that drawer front on a hinge and building a box that attaches to the back of it creates a great place for putting sponges, steel wool pads and other small cleaning tools.

Rood eaves

If your home has roof eaves cutting into your second floor, then don’t let that space go to waste. There’s a lot of useful space under those eaves and these spaces most builders go to waste. All it takes is a little cabinetmaking skill, and you can add in linen cabinets, bookshelves and other types of storage in what would otherwise be considered wasted space. You can even use the space just by adding in a low door so that you can utilize the space under the eaves just like attic space, storing boxes and miscellaneous in the recovered space.

Kitchen cabinet soffits

Many homes have soffits over the kitchen cabinets. These soffits are there merely to fill the space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. Taking the soffit out and finishing off the area creates storage above the wall cabinets. This is a great place to show off baskets, serving dishes, Jell-O molds and other not commonly used items in your kitchen. When they need to be used, they can be taken down for use, but they always have a home back over the cabinets.



Oak Furniture for Your Home Improvement

There is nothing quite like real oak furniture. An increasing number of people refuse to buy household furniture that is made of engineered wood, the trend being authenticity and quality. Oak furniture is made from original solid oak wood. People love the homely look of real oak furniture and the charm it gives to any home, which is why many items get passed down from one generation to another.

Not all oak is the same; green oak, for example, will require different care compared to other types of oak and requires four years treatment before it is fit for use. If you plan on getting oak furniture for your home improvement, this “how to” guide will help you keep your furniture in the best possible condition.

Untreated Oak

Untreated oak may look great and homely, but if it’s left neglected for too long it will eventually lose its beauty. Sometimes oak furniture appears stained and that is due to the natural tannin in the wood, especially with green oak, which is most often used for garden furniture. If you buy oak furniture that has not been treated, it is actually easy to take care of as you can give it a good wipe over with a cloth and teak oil. You should never wipe down oak furniture with water.

Kiln Dried Oak

Some furniture manufacturers will kiln dry solid oak because it has a high level of water in its natural form. You should oil your kiln dried furniture about once every three months with teak oil or Danish oil. If anything is spilled you should mop it up with a cloth dampened in oil – do not use water. Oak is known as “live wood” because it can withstand the weather.


When you clean oak furniture use a clean cloth and stroke the oil in the same direction as the grain of the wood, you shouldn’t use circular movements as you might when dusting other furniture. If your oak furniture gets marked with something try rubbing some margarine or butter into the stain as this will at least minimize the mark.

Treating Scratches

One of the problems with solid wood furniture is that it can scratch and chip. If your oak furniture gets scratched, carefully add a few drops of water and let it soak into the scratch. Once the area is damp you should cover it with a clean, dry cloth and rub over it gently with a warm iron. The combined actions with water and heat should ease out the mark. Never place cups or plates on an unprotected oak surface but always use cork mats or coasters to protect the surface. Make sure that you place oak furniture in a place where it is not close to central heating or air conditioning vents.