A Minimalist’s Guide to Furniture for Less Clutter in the Home

All homes inevitably fill up with the detritus of furniture and gadgets, making your home look cluttered and even add to feeling of stress. Giving your home minimalist clean lines and clear surfaces makes for a calm, tranquil living space that you will really enjoy coming home to. Stripping back to the bare essentials can be achieved through clever use of multi-purpose furniture and hidden storage spaces. Adopting a “less is more approach” to interior design can also make small rooms appear more spacious.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Using multipurpose furniture makes the most of the space available and is a simple way to avoid filling your house up with unnecessary items. You can find:

  • Side tables which also act as magazine racks.
  • Dining tables which open up work tables.
  • Nesting tables which can act as stools.
  • Kitchen taps which pour hot water.
  • Wall panels which can be pulled down and transformed into beds.

Conceal Gadgets

In this age of technology the proliferation of gadgets means that plenty of plug sockets and wires are now essential in any home. One particularly stylish feature to incorporate into your kitchen is the concealed plug socket-charging stations which pop up from a seemingly flawless granite top surface.

Limit Clutter by Using Disguised Storage Spaces

Carefully storing away wires, remotes, televisions, DVD players, and games consoles when they are not being used is a simple way to de-clutter. For a seemingly technology free zone once you’ve turned off the TV, invest in a storage cabinet which is in keeping with the decor of the room. Simply close the doors when you turn off everything so that it looks like any other cabinet.

Good Lighting

Any rooms which don’t have large windows or aren’t facing south will need to be lit well to appear larger and more inviting. One large central light will give off harsh, unflattering light so be sure to place lamps in nooks and crannies or anywhere that is left in shadow.

Use of mirrors

Placing a large mirror on a wall opposite a window is one of the simplest ways to achieve a lighter, much larger looking space. Unlike other large wall decorations that make rooms look smaller, there is no limit to how big your mirror should be.

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