Cutting Down on Your Electricity Bill through Home Solar Power

Electricity rates will always go up. This is inevitable. The pressure on resource scarcity coupled with a changing political environment is said to be the cause of such rate increases. Energy experts and research shows the inevitable rise in electricity rates due to the dependence of electrical producers on fossil fuel. While North America is starting to delve into alternative energy resources, energy prices will still surge up to 64%, or $120 a year. Some say the increase may be as high as 5% annually. One thing is certain, electricity prices will increase.

Can anything be done about it?

You can either tighten your belt more or find a cost effective way to free yourself from the rising cost of energy while at the same time promote a more sustainable environment. You will experience more financial opportunities if you choose solar power.

A cost effective solution

Solar power is a renewable form of energy since the source of energy is from the sun’s heat and nothing else. It plays a large part in the world’s movement for a green agenda since it reduces carbon emission. Solar power even minimizes or eliminates the use of nonrenewable resources. One way to combine solar power with the electricity grid in your home is to use solar panels. These solar panels are a collection of solar cells that works together to collect solar energy and converts it into storable electricity.

With innovative solar panel and power cell installation, you will be able to save money while at the same time reduce your carbon footprint and the damaging effects of global warming. In actual fact, the solar panels can generate a “return” through rebates and incentives. Since you are using renewable energy produced by solar panels, it can help you save money on electricity bills.  Studies have shown that by using home solar panels, you can save up to 80% on your electricity and other utility bills. This could be a big help especially during these challenging economic times.

Solar panels and solar power cells do not need human intervention to work because they require only minimal maintenance. Home solar panels do require some cleaning once every 6 to 12 months. Sometimes, a strong downpour is all it takes to do the trick. However, it would still be wise to clean out the panels in order to just check up on them.

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Lighting Retrofits are Proven for Increased Energy Efficiency in Home Improvements

Many people still are not comfortable with the concept of lighting retrofitting. As they say though, people fear what they do not understand. Can lighting retrofits really improve energy efficiency? Most certainly, and retrofitting is practically achievable. What people should be concerned about is the manner and quality of retrofitting that will be done by any professional electrician. Homeowners must always be aware of the lighting quality and quantity, realistic energy savings, and room lighting and illumination. The right choice of a professional electrician means that they should do a good job with research.

This includes careful planning, analysis of personnel and facility needs, and other available options. One of the main factors to consider is the quality and quantity of lighting. While lighting retrofitting technology today means increased energy savings and efficiency, lighting quality should either be maintained or improved; never should lighting quality deteriorate. A truly professional electrical contractor should make sure that lighting quality must never be sacrificed for any room in the home. For example, when replacing incandescent lighting with florescent lamps, while energy spending may be cut in half, lighting quality might suffer by up to 80 percent.

Another factor to consider is increasing energy efficiency by doing quality lighting retrofitting. For instance, while it is true that incandescent lamp and ballast technology has improved in leaps and bounds during the last decade, it is best to find out the longevity of certain lighting facilities and when they were installed.  If house lighting was installed 10 or more years ago, they may not be as energy efficient as they were before and will need to be replaced. Many lamps and ballasts manufactured today are also more energy conservative than those made years before. Consider also inspecting parabolic luminaries.

These fixtures are energy efficient at 60 percent when newly installed but, may not be after 3 to 5 years. Also, at 60 percent, parabolic-style fixtures are obsolete next to more modern fixtures that can give from 85 to 90 percent energy savings. Florescent and ballast lamps are also getting smaller and more energy efficient. They last a lot longer and the lighting color is stable. The only drawback to florescent lamps is the replacement and installation of the ballast fixtures that can add to the total cost. Otherwise, they make good lighting standbys and corridor lighting fixtures.

Since home corridors don’t need much lighting, florescent and ballast lamps make good corridor lighting because they are bright enough to light up to 20 to 30 feet. Another prime importance especially in terms of room lighting and illumination is the spacing and upgrading of lighting retrofits. The main goal here is to reduce the number of fixtures and upgrade others for better light quality. Not all lighting retrofits mean a one-on-one replacement.

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Vintage Kitchens and Home Improvements: Retro Kitchen Materials

There are some great retro materials that really have made their way back to the modern day. There are certain materials that really have been reborn in the last few years, and some of the more prominent are:


Chrome is seen on a lot of kitchen appliances and also fittings such as chrome retro kitchen lights. This is a mid-20th century material and one that adds to the reflection of light, which may be an addition when lighting up your kitchen. Retro chrome kitchen lights are a fantastic addition nowadays and they mirror the lights of the past. There are all sorts of green benefits to the lighting.


With the return of a lot of classic furniture, we have also seen a lot of veneer come back. Once again, veneer is cheap and attractive, but doesn’t really perform much of a practical purpose. That said, who cares when some of the furniture we have looks the way it does again. Classics never die and that includes veneer.

Bright Kitchens

Be aware of the emergence of bright fittings for kitchens in recent years. These very bright colors greatly reflect the kitchens of 40 or 50 years ago, and for the better. The arrival of magnetic cupboards and drawers has really seen the colorful kitchen return and it has really replaced the wooden and glass alternatives of only a few years ago. Bright kitchens add a bit of the missing excitement from the space and really work with the pop culture return. You ca even pair them and see them as fitting in with the return of the chrome retro kitchen lights.

Free Standing Bath

The free standing bath is also making a comeback in recent years. Look in any bathroom suite seller’s window and you’ll see the innards being adorned with one of these items. To be honest it’s not hard to figure out why the free standing bath can be a really elegant solution to the bathroom. With its chrome, free standing elegant legs and the elegant look it brings, it’s no wonder it’s increasingly popular.

Of course, you can add the chrome retro kitchen lights too, even if the above isn’t a kitchen area. However, with a little bit of careful planning, they’re sure to look the business. So, have a look at the past and look into the future of design, and all that stuff in the attic is set to return again.

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